-ate spelling test

Listen and write what you hear.




chocolate bar on white background





*1. John said he would separate the different pieces.

*2. They made two separate attempts to climb the mountain.

*3. They agreed that it was a very elaborate scheme.

*4. It was certainly appropriate that the designer of the car should be the first to drive it.

*5. I estimate that the river is approximately 60 metres across, but that’s a rough estimate.

6. She’s a graduate with many certificates.

7. Check your spelling immediately after doing this test.

8. I want to lose weight, unfortunately I work in a chocolate factory!

9. He ate eight fresh dates from the plate not leaving many for his mates.

Press one of the players below to hear the sentences for pronunciation purposes.

*Thanks to Dyslexia Action.org.uk (formally Dyslexia Institute) for some of the sentences above.