au letter pattern

  1. Watch the video above.
  2. What memory trick do I suggest for remembering -au- in because?
  3. Why do we have the silent ‘n’ in autumn?

August, autumn
auburn, auction, audacious, audacity, audible, audience, audio, audit, audition, aunt, aunty, au-pair, aura, austere, authentic, author, authority, autograph, automatic…

because, beautiful, bauble

cause, cautious, caution, caustic

fault, fraud

gaunt, haul, haulage, pause, Paul
sauce, saucepan, trauma, taunt, raucous, raunchy

caught, daughter, taught, fraught, haughty, naught, naughty, slaughter
*laugh, laughter,

Also: Australia, Australian, Austria, Austrian
Also: sausage, laurel, mauve

1. Add more -au- words in your notebook when you see them.
2. After watching the video, and doing the exercise below, write a letter pattern story.
3. If you want to share this then send me an email at and I’ll put it anonymously here.

Now do this exercise

-au- quiz

Type in the correct word from the selection above.


(Click here and go to the Spelling Strategies video to learn how to remember and learn some of these words or see if you can think of some memory tricks to remember this tricky pattern)
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