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I’m now working with Udemy.com – one of the biggest online course providers. I’ve made some new and extended spelling rules lessons for them and have organised a discount coupon for you.


Interested? The coupon is for £15 (original price £25) but the offer is only available till 8th Dec.

The course description:

This Spelling Rules course is for both British and American English users who who feel embarrassed by their spelling, who’ve had a bad experience at school, have not really had to use spelling much but now because of emails, social media, writing reports, etc. suddenly need to improve spelling for their work, training, and to improve their job prospects, or maybe help their children with their spelling.

This is a clear, friendly step-by-step course that builds your spelling knowledge and confidence in spelling because it’s not about learning obscure spelling rules but useful, very helpful rules like the simplest rule: adding -es to nouns and verbs, we’ll look at rules such as drop the ‘e’; silent ‘e’; and the 1:1:1 doubling up rule – these all help your reading too. We’ll start off with looking at the Key Terms and Vocabulary of Spelling, which is a look at some very useful words that we need to be able to understand these rules.

It’s mainly a video based course with some worksheet attachments in the resources for you too.

But, of course, if you don’t want to commit to watching and studying the longer lesson then I have lots of short free ones –
click here for tons of free lessons

It’s goes brilliantly with my Spelling Rules Workbook to complement and consolidate your learning, .

If you’ve read to this point then thank you. If you are reading this today  then I have a special thank you for you by giving you a free coupon to the course so if you want a freebie then reply to this email and I’ll send you the link and coupon.

Keep working on your spelling, keep motivated, and you will improve.

Best wishes


&£15  offer ends 9 Dec 16 –  https://www.udemy.com/spelling-rules-course/?couponCode=SUBSCRIBER

in exchange for enrolment and review


I have two free passes to my Spelling Rules: to improve spelling & confidence course on udemy.com. If you’d like to do the course then contact me on info@howtospell.co.uk


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