JW Exercises
Spelling test 1 classic one word test

1. children

2. really

3. learn

4. myself

5. teaching assistant

7. course

Spelling test 2

1. I have four children.

2. I am working as a dinner lady at the moment.

3. I am hoping to be a TA teaching assistant for age 4 to 7 years.

4. I am teaching myself to spell.

5. I am really enjoying this course.

Teaching assistant job description

*Write these sentences out on a piece of paper and use the Look Say Cover Write Check method to learn them:

As a teaching assistant you would support teachers and help children with their educational and social development

Your job may include:

    • getting the classroom ready for lessons
    • listening to children read, reading to them or telling them stories
    • helping children who need extra support to complete tasks
    • helping teachers to plan learning activities and complete records
    • supporting teachers in managing class behaviour
    • supervising group activities
    • looking after children who are upset or have had accidents
    • clearing away materials and equipment after lessons
    • helping with outings and sports events
    • taking part in training
    • carrying out administrative tasks. 

Information from: nationalcareersservice.direct.gov.uk

Teaching assistants (known as classroom assistants or learning support assistants in some schools) also carry out tasks that allow the class teacher to concentrate on teaching. www.bbc.co.uk/schools/parents/teaching_assistant

If you enjoy working with children, are interested in their development and learning and have good organisational skills, you could consider becoming a teaching assistant (TA). www.skill.org.uk