Exercises and tests for KB – use spelling strategies: memory tricks, word within words and syllable breakdown to help you remember these. 


Spelling test 1 – letter/email endings and sentences using words you need to learn.

1. Regards

2. Kind regards

3. Best wishes

4. Yours sincerely

5. Yours faithfully

6. I look forward to hearing from you.

7. Do you know your password?

8. He sometimes doesn’t want to do another shop refurbishment.

9. I would like to know the procedure.

10. I want to know about this.

Building trade words word search game

Spelling test 2

1. abbreviation
2. absorb
3. accelerate
4. adequate
5. aggregate
6. environment
7. infrastructure
8. polythene
9. porosity
10. procedure
11. procurement
12. productivity

Spelling test 3

1. competence
2. components
3. hazardous
4. horizontal
5. hundredweight
6. impervious
7. reconstitute
8. refurbish
9. substrate

Spelling dictation test 4 – useful words. 

1. Procurement means the process by which a client gets a structure built – it involves contractors tendering for work.

2. Take care when handling hazardous substances. Always wear gloves and follow the instructions on the packaging.

3. All contractors are responsible for making sure that the working environment is kept tidy and clear of hazards.

4. Acids and other corrosive substances must be stored in a secure area when not being used.