Look Say Cover Write Check



The spelling strategy Look Say Cover Write Check really improves your spelling if you use it a little bit every day – just a few minutes every day.

This strategy is very good because it’s about writing and using your spelling – visualizing it, saying it, writing it, checking it, correcting mistakes and doing it again. Remember the only way to improve your spelling is to use it and that means writing it.

You can use this Look Say Cover method on single words or sentences and all you need is a pen and paper or download the form above.

Let’s go over what we do.

1. Write the word you want to learn – let’s learn Wednesday. A difficult word because of the silent d. Make sure you copy it down correctly. Remember the capital letter for days.

2. Look at the word – really see the word, look at the shape, visualize it.

3. Say the word /wensday/– saying/pronouncing a word and spelling the word is sometimes very different – usually because of silent letters.

4. Cover it – no peeking, visualize the word – can you remember how it looks?

5. Write it.

6. Check it – spelling is a letter-by-letter activity.

7. Correct it – we don’t want to see the mistake! Try and figure out why you made the mistake – use any memory tricks to help remember the difficuly bits. Try and see only the correct spelling so it sinks into our visual memory.

Oops! I forgot the silent ‘d’ – a classic mistake. It’s a good idea to break Wednesday into syllables which are small chunks of the word – with the vowel in it. Wed/nes/day. Or use whatever memory tricks that help you with spelling a word.


Cover it again and write and check and correct it.

Repeat over the following days and weeks.