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Spelling won’t improve itself, but it will improve if
you use it, practise (practice – AmE) itthink about it, notice it and love it.


There are a lot of Modules and things to learn but don’t be overwhelmed. Slowly and carefully go through them. There’s no rush – you can keep coming back to this course again and again.

But don’t give up, just work on your spelling a little bit every day or every few days and you’ll soon see an improvement.

1. Start with the Essential Spelling Strategies Moduleclick here

2. Work through the Modules or choose a pattern you want to work on. Study the pattern, notice its quirks, rules, words.

  • Listen to the pronunciation. Does the pattern have different sounds?
  • Do an exercise on the pattern.
  • Then do a spelling test – check your spelling carefully, underline the mistakes, correct them, understand them and maybe use a memory trick to help remember the pattern.
  • Work on the same letter pattern again the next day.
  • Use the Look Say Cover Write Check method to help you learn to spell the words you need – use it a little bit every day
  • Write your thoughts, your to-do list, your problems, your achievements in the note taking box below (all notes are private)

Try the Self-assessment tests (also do these tests every week to test what you’ve learnt.)


If you don’t understand a word then look it up in a dictionary. It’s important you know the meaning of a word because it helps you learn it.

I love dictionaries and use Oxford Dictionary Online

and Macmillan

By practicing, everything can be improved*
Practice also creates competence, confidence, clarity, certainty and success*

To spell well you need to work at it and keep practising.

Do at least ten minutes of these exercises a day and it’ll improve.

*Quotes thanks to Zig Ziglar

On the letter patterns and spelling test pages there are sometimes two listening links:
1. If you press the player below you will remain on the page.

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Take notes in your own notebook in the box below, and check your progress.