Module 11


Module 11 – word families 

How to improve and learn spelling using word families. It’s important to start ‘really’ seeing words, noticing patterns and thinking about words that are linked by a letter pattern and meaning. Good spellers see these patterns, links and understand relationships between words. This is an excellent spelling strategy.

These relationships in spelling help us to understand the meaning of words much more than the pronunciation does. Words that are often related in meaning are often related in spelling as well, despite changes in pronunciation. – Noam Chomsky

The purpose of English spelling isn’t about the sound but the visual links between words – Vivian Cook

English spelling is often for the eye rather than the ear, and focussing on visual links can help us work out difficult words like homophones, silent letter and word order like two and light– Johanna Stirling 


Which of these patterns mean build?

Which of these mean to pull?

Which means to throw?

Which means foot?