NF exercises

Key words for you to learn.

It’s important to get the common words spelled right, as well as the grammar and punctuation. Do these until they’re set in your brain. It may take a few weeks.

It’s important to check your spelling letter by letter, correct the mistakes and see why you made the mistake and see if you can use a memory trick to help you remember it. Take notes in the Notebook below. Do the test again and then tomorrow. Don’t give yourself a hard time! Mistakes are good if you learn from them.


1. I’m a receptionist and answer phones, transfer calls and write emails. They’re usually quick emails because it takes me forever to write long ones and to express myself.

2. What I really want to do is to go to college and train to be a teacher and help kids. I’ve been trying to go back to education for three years but haven’t gotten anywhere because of my spelling. I’m a single mom and want to do this for me and my son.

3. I’ve lived in Texas since I was little. My parents don’t know English. My first language is Spanish.

4. I believe I can achieve my dreams.

5. I’m definitely going to learn these words.

6. I’m embarrassed about my writing.

7. Is she a colleague, acquaintance, friend or relative?

8. Basically, it’s necessary to do these again and again.

9. I look forward to hearing from you.

10. Yours faithfully ( to end a formal letter when you don’t know the name Dear sir/madam)

11. Yours sincerely (to end semi-formal letters Dear Mrs Smith)

12. Are you satisfied or dissatisfied?

13. It’s astonishing how ignorant and hypocritical he is.

14. They tried to persuade me to go but I just didn’t want to.