ou spelling test

Successful financial plans



1. My youngest cousin is always in trouble.

2. That young couple bought a house in the country.

3. Please can I have a double helping of that nourishing soup.

4. In summer, remember to water the flowers to encourage them to flourish.

5. He plucked up enough courage to bound up the mountain.

6. With these coupons you can get money off vegetable soup.

7. The youth group performed their latest dance routine.

8. I found a mouse in my house.

9. My neighbour plays his music loud and shouts all night so I contacted the council.

10 He paid a huge amount for a fountain in his garden.

Click the player or the link to listen to the pronunciation or to listen and read them.

*I say “au spelling test sentences – duh! I mean “ou.”



Thanks to Shireen Shuster – Spelling Essentials