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Want to know the secret to good spelling?

Good spellers know the look, sounds & rules of spelling.

YOU can develop this skill too.

It’s never to late to improve your spelling. All it takes is 5 minutes a day, step-by-step, slowly building your knowledge and understanding of 

  • spelling strategies,
  • letter patterns, their sounds and differences,
  • spelling rules & exceptions.

You’re in the right place if  

  • you can’t get the promotion you want because your spelling is bad,
  • you’ve gone through life not caring about spelling but now you need it for emails, your job, or to help your children,
  • you’re desperate to improve your job prospects, or get on a training course, 
  • you’re lacking confidence in your writing and reading skills,
  • your schooling/education was bad and you don’t think you’ll ever spell well.

I know what’s it’s like to have a bad education, with teachers who don’t care, and I used to be resentful about it! BUT everything can be learned, especially spelling. I’ve done it so can you.

You can take responsibility for your learning now, you can choose yourself, join me on this Spelling Rules, Patterns and Strategies Masterclass course!

IMG_0396About Joanne Rudling from

I have 18 years of experience teaching spelling, English, writing, and literacy to native English speakers, and ESOL (second language) students.

I’ve taught in colleges, universities and organisations and in the process have learnt the best practices of teaching spelling.

I’ve gathered all this experience and knowledge together to create this course, including information from the best teachers and practitioners in the spelling, English language, dyslexic and literacy fields.

The Spelling Rules, Patterns and Strategies Masterclass offers the tools, strategies and insights you need to improve your spelling, so you can express yourself clearly in writing, and get the job or promotion you deserve. It’s a step-by-step proven system that is  based around 12 Modules. The course includes pronunciation of key patterns, exercises, games, spelling tests, workbooks, re.

If you could spell really well what would that mean to you?

I get emails from a lot of people – people like you who are desperate to improve their spelling so they can get a promotion, to get on a training course or go back to college or university or to move to the next level in their job/careers.

People like C.W. who needs to improve his spelling because he’s going to take over from his manager when they retire.

People like Dalia who needs to improve her English, reading and spelling. (All the letter patterns have word lists with the pronunciation)

People like Mike who’s a security guard but needs to improve his spelling to get a promotion.

What some people have said about the course:

When I go back to work I’m going to go for a band three role, which is one under  a nurse, and it’s all down to you and the support you have given me, thank you so much. If you want to use this letter to show on your site go ahead.Regards, Annette

Now that I understand that there is a logic to spelling it excites me to learn patterns, and the memory tricks are great too. Kind regards, Matt

Thank you so much. I’m 57, a Grandmum and work online. Spelling has always held me back in life but not anymore. With the help of this course I feel differently about spelling I can see a way forward thank you so much. Alison  (check below for more testimonials)

“I don’t have enough time to do this course.”

Do you spend hours watching crappy TV? Do you spend time brooding on how bad life is and how others have got the life you want? Do you spend time wanting desperately to spell and write well?

Just imagine how you’ll feel giving yourself the time to study just five minutes a day? You can study a letter pattern five minutes before bed, or do a spelling test at lunch time, or do an exercise when the adverts come on (CHECK the exercises below).

Set yourself a goal – decide to do a Module a week, or do a letter pattern a week and perfect that. There’s a notepad at the end of each page that is yours, is private, and you can log your progress, problems and questions.

Do you know your -ent and -ant endings? Do the quick exercise below.

-ent or -ant?

Type in choose the word with -ant or -ent

Correct the misspellings

correct the spelling 1

Correct the mistakes. Use your visual memory, knowledge of patterns and rules.

Doing this course will improve your spelling:  

  • you’ll know spelling rules & their patterns
  • you’ll know common letter patterns & their sounds 
  • you’ll know how words are built & know how to spell longer, “scary” words
  • you’ll know all the vowel & consonant sounds and their letter patterns
  • you’ll know the tricky, difficult words that are often misspelled.

There are 12 Modules with videos, exercises, spelling tests and workbooks.

Bonuses: Spelling Strategies video, The Reasons Why English Spelling is so Weird and Wonderful ebook and audio, exclusive in-depth spelling rules videos and my Spelling Rules workbook. 

Join me on this course and you’ll get exclusive workbooks, quizzes, games, exercises, podcast spelling tests, the pronunciation of all the patterns, videos.

Here are some of the Modules:

Module 1 – The Foundations

Spelling strategies to help you learn and remember spelling
Spelling rules – exclusive, longer, more in-depth videos and workbook

Building words with prefixes & suffixes 

Module 2 – Vowels and their letter patterns & sounds

Module 3 – Important word endings (suffix patterns) (-able/-ible, -ant/-ance, -ent / -ence…)

Module 4 – Common ‘O’ patterns (oi, ow, -ous…)

Module 5 – The ‘a’ patterns (ai, au, ay…)

Module 6 – Common endings (-ck, -ic, -cal, -le, -tion, -sion, -cian…)

Module 7 – Common ‘s’ patterns

Module 8 – Consonants and their letter patterns & sounds, and word contrasts

Module 9 – Initial sounds (br, cl, gl…)

Module 10 – Common ‘w’ patterns

Module 11 – Some common patterns

Module 12 – Silent letter patterns…

All this for only a small fee of £57

(Because of the new EU law VAT will be added.)

and the course is yours forever!

Or if you want to buy it for someone else, let me know and I’ll add them to the course. (British cheques accepted – contact me & avoid the VAT)

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**Bonus: Spelling Strategies video, The Reasons Why English Spelling is so Weird and Wonderful (full colour ebook) + audio version, exclusive videos and pronunciation podcasts.** 

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spelling patterns course


1. Did you know there are 44 sounds of English =

20 vowel sounds and 24 consonant sounds?

So there are 5 vowels (a, e, i, o, u) and 20 vowel sounds but over 149 ways to spell these vowel sounds!

And hundreds of letter patterns for the 24 consonant sounds.

2. There are letter patterns that you need to be able to write automatically as ‘chunks’ of spelling: st-, br-, spr-, -nt, sk-, ie, ei, oy, igh, ough, -ful, -au-, -sure…

Notice and practise these to establish your muscle and visual memory.” Johanna Stirling: “Teaching Spelling”


3. Visual memory is one of our most important ways of remembering things. So identifying letter patterns is a great way to help spelling.

 “Important point: don’t look for rules look for patterns,” Brendan Cunningham, beating

4. Spelling is a visuo-motor skill. That means it’s a visual physical skill. We see and feel spelling. We rely on the knowledge of the look of the word and the feel of writing it. But the greater the number of senses we use the more likely we are to remember spellings.


hard studyingSo stop giving yourself a hard time for not spelling well and start doing something about it.

And improve your job prospects, confidence, future.

Everything can be improved by working at it – not dreaming about it. 

Spelling will improve if you:

  • practise it
  • use it
  • think about it
  • notice it
  • and get help from the best spelling teachers 

All this for only a small fee of £57

(Under new EU law VAT will be added)

(and the course is yours forever!)

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**Bonus: included is my Spelling Strategies video and exclusive spelling rules videos.** 

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If you are serious about improving your spelling then you must do something about it – join me on the course now.

“There are some strings of letters which occur often. Good spellers are able to remember these easily.”  Spell Well-Basic Skills Agency.


spelling patterns and rules

You too can develop this ability to recognise letter patterns and their sounds,

Sometimes the pattern makes a different sound; this course will go over the differences.

The purpose is to develop your visual memory for what looks right but using pronunciation can help.

  We’ll look at letter patterns like: thr-, str-, spr, scr-, ight, ough, and word families like -tract, -struct and how to remember them. We’ll look at rules with ei and ie, and word contrasts like ou/ow, oi/oy, j/g, ee/ea, e/a…   Serious female doctor writing on a clipboard

If you do a few spelling games, quizzes, exercises every day the spelling will get into your long term memory.

This course has workbooks, exclusive games, quizzes, videos, worksheets, information sheets, spelling tests, pronunciation help and much much more.

All this for only a small fee of £57 for unlimited access. 

The value of this is well over this amount but I know you need this.

I know you can’t go on with not spelling well anymore.

You need to get on with working on your spelling to improve your job prospects.

Such a small investment in your learning, confidence and future.

      • X  spelling won’t improve itself
      • X  spelling won’t improve with reading
      • X  spelling won’t improve with thinking how much you’d love to spell well

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Bonus: included in the course is my Spelling Strategies video to help you learn and remember spelling

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By practicing everything can be improved. Practice also creates competence, confidence, clarity, certainty and success* *quote by Zig Ziglar

If after 30 days you're not happy with it then I promise a 100% Money Back Guarantee


Thumbs up

What people have said about the course:


“I think your course is superb, my spelling demons have been haunting me for years. In my case I lost out on the early years of school because of eye troubles and never really got to catch up. Whilst not officially tested I am convinced that I suffer with dyslexia.You can imagine the embarrassment and frustration I try to hide on a daily basis. Anyway I am sure that my story is not dissimilar to so many others and now at 41 years old I am finally getting the help and support I need.

Now that I understand that there is a logic to spelling it excites me to learn patterns and word sums etc and the memory tricks are great too. here’s one of mine! it’s only visible with two eyes.”

Matthew, Ireland

Hi Joanne, I don’t know how I found you on the internet, but am so pleased I did. I was looking for a basic English course at my local college (well spelling really) just a refresher course. You have saved me the embarrassment of attending college by sending me great work I can do at home.

Your course work is brilliant I love doing the spelling tests etc and with so much to choose from I feel I have improved in such a short time.The spelling patterns, words within words why did I never see that? I am so grateful to you for your help. Kind Regards, Christine.

Christine, London, UK

Thanks for giving me this opportunity to write to you. I am 44 years old and I always had problem with spelling. I work in an organisation where I need to communicate in English. Sometimes, I have to stand up in meetings and write on white board. You can imagine how difficult it is if you have bad spelling. However now with your lessons I feel much better.

I am still on the first unit. I am trying to understand the basics and get them right. I like the video of magic e.

I am excited to finish the remaining units. My best regards,Y

Y, Quatar

“I just wanted to let you know that I am finding the course really good so far. I’ve never been able to spell properly. I was just not interested when I was at school. I have just started a new job and need to do a lot of writing so thought it was about time I learnt..”
Trev, UK

Thank you so much. I’m 57, a Grandmum and work online. Spelling has always held me back in life but not anymore – with the help of this course I feel differently about spelling I can see a way forward thank you so much. Looking forward to more

Thanks onge again


Alison, UK
Really enjoying this course. I have always shied away from writing notes at work because of my spelling and my handwriting. I have noticed my handwriting has improved and my spelling. I can’t explain how much this means to me and to say thank you to you.

The confidence I have I feel like I am walking on air.

And if you would have told me I would be writing this e mail this time last week I would have said no way .

Best wishes

Ann, Canada

“I  find your Course very interesting : there are lots of activities that can help me. I really like your tricks to memorize spelling rules!!

Thanks for your lessons  and your  job.”

Angela, UK

“Hi Joanne, thank you, this course is brilliant. I am dyslexic and found out when I was at university. I speak four languages and found English spelling very confusing.  It’s good knowing why certain words are spelled the way they are spelled. U H”

“Thanks Joanne, I’m so happy to be on this course.”
Selam, London

I’m really enjoying your lessons and gaining a lot out of them. I am actually an English teacher and always interested in learning more about spelling. ”

“I want to say thank you  for this course. I get so confused with spelling and how to say words. This has helped so much.”

“I used to hate spelling. But now I’m not scared of it anymore. I helped my youngest girl when she had a problem with a word – a great feeling. Thanks”

“I decided to do something about my spelling and joined this course and it’s helped my confidence.”
John, Australia

It’s great!!

Thank you Joanne for putting together such an incredible course.

Robert S. France

“Writing this to you is so easy I can’t believe I am doing it. I would normally shy away when it comes to sending emails but now I will just write them it takes me a long time because I am aware or my spelling now and thinking of the letter patterns.”
Annette, UK

“You are doing a great job and I love your course it’s the best I see so far over the internet, and to know that you had spelling problems too is an inspiration for me to know that my situation can be improved as well. ”
T. A. Jamaica

Hello Joanne, I love the way you do things. I bought your course: Spelling Patterns & Pronunciation Masterclass. I love it and love the way it is presented and I am in awe at the thought of the energy you have put in to this endeavour.

Thank you so much for the wonderful work you are doing.

Warmest regards, Peter

autumn Dec 2008 025Thank you for reading this, Joanne