“sh” sound video

How many ways can you spell the “sh” sound?

Watch the video and find out. (Or read below)


In this video we’re looking at the letter patterns that have the “sh” sound in them. Letter patterns are also called spelling patterns and letter strings. Good spellers know common letter patterns and can write them automatically. Good spellers also know the different sounds that go with these letter patterns.

How many ways can you spell the sound “sh”? Think of the endings of words as well.
For example – sheep, nation, obsession,

What others do you know?

We have the common sh pattern – pattern sheep, wish, fashion

sion mission permission session
sure pressure, treasure, measure
cial social, special, official
-ient / -cient, -tient ancient, sufficient, patient
sue tissue, issue
tial essential, substantial, partial
tion lotion, portion, condition
sia / -sian Asia/Asian, Russia/Russian, Persia/Persian
cious gracious, delicious, ambitious

some ge endings– beige, massage

su– sugar, sure, insurance

French influence – chef, machine, champagne, brochure, moustached