Silent to Sounded

Consonants that are silent in some words are sometimes pronounced/sounded in a related word as in  sign but signal

silent – sounded/pronounced
bomb – bombard, bombardment
column – columnist
condemn – condemnation
Christmas – Christ
crumb – crumble, crumbling
damn – damnation
debt – debit
design – designate
fasten – fast
hasten – haste
malign – malignant
moisten – moist
muscle – muscular
limb – limber
resign – resignation
sign – signal, signature
soften – soft, softly
solemn – solemnity

Remember a lot of silent letters used to be pronounced and we probably pronounce the silent letters in these words to make the pronunciation of them easier.

To remember the spelling of a word with a silent letter try to think of a word related in spelling and meaning from the word family – and you might get a clue from the consonant that is pronounced.