Notes – 

Use as many strategies and tricks to help you remember spellings.

Recognise vowels in words – how many are there, are they the same? Watch the video from beating – embedded on this site click here

Capital letters are a bit of a problem for you but don’t worry about them just yet. Use capitals in proper nouns: Honda, Joanne, Queensland… 

Take care when checking your spellings go letter by letter, check capital letters and apostrophes.
Always use a capital for I and I’m 

Use an apostrophe in don’t, didn’t, they’re, I’m... They indicate that a letter is missing and you’ve contracted the word.

Use memory tricks to help you with write and right

write words can you see the w and w write words also writing and wrote

right and left. I’m right you’re not.

Advice and advise

advice (noun) Please give me some advice.

My advice to you is to put some ice on it.

advise  soft sound   rhymes with eyes

Please advise me about my eyes.


pattern  The seat patterns can be changed

letter patterns

confident   / confidence   Don’t ‘dent’ your confidence by being unconfident.

important  /  importance  The little ant is not as important as he thinks

aware – I am aware to beware. Take care to be aware.

consistent  What does a tent consist of?

Key words to learn  – I’ll go quickly so you can’t think too much then I’ll go slowly.

single word spelling test 

1. aware

2. appreciate

3. approach

4. advice

5. advise

6. don’t

7. didn’t

8. important

9. consistent

10. recognise

11. write (words)

12. right (and left)

13. receive

14. believe    (ie ei rule)

15. grateful Yours gratefully

16. corporate

Spelling test

Dictation – if I go too quickly pause the player. I’ll say the sentence quickly then do it slowly. Do a few sentences every day and revise often

Key words for your life and work

1. I’m a happily married car salesman with two daughters who are medical professionals.

2. My wife is a dressmaker, my eldest is a medical student and my youngest an occupational therapist.

3. It’s important to do these exercises daily.

4. I’m happier about my spelling which makes me happy with myself.

5.  I didn’t do well at school but I’m grateful I have a good job.

6. I don’t write well because of my spelling.

7. I’m a great salesman and what I lack in writing skills I make up for in verbal communication.

8. I’m aware of the importance of improving my spelling.

1. I am writing to inform you that your guarantee is soon to expire.

2. I need to spell well so I can write contracts quickly, confidently and consistently.

3. I am an employee at a large Honda motor dealership  that sells new and used vehicles.

4. I am the person in charge – the nominee and the group trade under my corporate motor dealer licence.

5. This licence allows the company to sell a used vehicle (including its parts) and  obtain a used vehicle (including vehicle parts) to sell.

6. I sell a used vehicle on behalf of another person.

7. I am writing to thank you for your continued support of the company and we would like to offer you a 25% discount on your next purchase.

8. I appreciate the time and effort you have put into this.

9. I believe I will achieve my dream of being able to spell well.