Y exercises

Test 1 Classic one word spelling test.
Notice the letter patterns.

1. decide

2. decision

3. apply

4. appreciate

5. appraisal

6. initial

7. initially

8. initiative

9. comply

10. compliance

Test 2 dictation test (I’ve tried to make them as formal/business as I could)

1. She needs to decide whether or not she wants to apply for the job.

2. Sometimes managers have to take decisions quickly.

3. We advertised 3 jobs, and over 350 people applied – we only expected 50 to apply.

4. We appreciate that you cannot make a decision immediately.

5. As you appraise an employee’s performance, you can use a variety of words in the appraisal.

6. At the initial stage of the project not everyone had access to a computer.

7. Initially she worked for us as a secretary, now she’s the manager.

8. Employees are encouraged to use their initiative if faced with a problem.

9. You are legally obliged to comply fully with any investigations.

10. All building work must be carried out in compliance with safety regulations.

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Test 3

1. advertised

2. immediately

3. employees

4. performance

5. variety

6. secretary

7. encourage

8. legally

9. obliged

10. investigation

11. carried

12. safety

13. infrastructure

14. environment

15. construction

16. achievement

17. refineries

18. reliable

19. indecision

20. undecided


Can you see the struct pattern?
structural engineering/engineer
construction site
constructive dismissal
constructive engagement


formal words for Y word search game